Friday, 4 September 2015

XTR Honda 250 Tracker

Pepo, who was Radical Ducati, closed that company after it became difficult to make money from his gorgeous but niche creations. It seems he missed the bike business so much that he quickly came back with a new company and a wider remit.
XTR Pepo, based in Madrid, Spain, uses all kind of bikes, often humble machines, from Laverda twins to Suzuki 600 Bandits, or even Honda CBF250s like this one, and creates street trackers, scramblers, cafe racers and retro endurance style bikes. This is his latest build. Here's the spec...

Donor Bike: 2004 Honda CBF 250
Modified Ducati Monster front mudguard
NG front brake rotor
Frentubo brake line
MASH 125 front light
Vicma conical handlebar
Goneli grips
MASH 125 fuel tank
Monza gas cap X
TR tracker fiberglass solo seat
XTR upholstery
Modified frame with a new subframe
Modified Suzuki Bandit Footrests supports
Ergal cnc machined Puig Footrests.
XTR aluminum licence plate support
Tsubaki gold chain
LIPO battery
XTR clock
DNA air filter
Super Mario exhaust
SPARK GP silencer
XTR aluminum side numberplates
Artenruta painting.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hen's Teeth

Ton from the Netherlands tipped us off on a Sideburn 1 on UK eBay. Price starting at £5. This sale is nothing to do with us, we're just passing it on because people often ask us for them. G


Belated thanks to everyone who came out to the Dirt Quake video launch at Tyne Bar, Newcastle last week. New faces and old faces came out for, what a lot of people said, was the first motorbike event in Newcastle aimed at those on the edge of mainstream (well, they didn't put it quite like that, but it's what they meant). And people came from well over 100 miles away for the night, so big thanks to those who included: Ryan B and his mate; Kieren, Ross and Laura, Pete The Rich...
Thanks also to DJs Dave Skooter Farm and Conway Castle; my brother Andy for arranging the venue; Tom at Drifter visual for the video and AV equipment and Ryan for all he does for Sideburn.
The Tyne Bar was a great location, especially in good weather. A mixture of bikes turned up from CBRs to airhead BMs.
The crowd watching the premiere. They broke out in spontaneous applause (no kidding).
Chris J's Dirt Quake IV race bike came up from Leeds.
 Survivor Mike and my Rotax race bikes.
The lovely ladies of Pet Lamb Patisserie made some Dirt Cakes (with illustrations by Ryan Quickfall on top) to hand out. Go visit them for coffee and cake in the Grainger Market if you're ever in Newcastle city centre.

Northern DTRA regulars came and supported. Here is Ross Herrod (and his other-half Snaithio) and Survivor Mike, plus Damian McCann and Murph.
And if you haven't seen it yet, or need to see it again, here is the video, by Drifter Visual with illustration by Ryan Quickfall. G

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Stealing Speed by Mat Oxley

Sometime Sideburn contributor, Mat Oxley, has self-published/reprinted one of his books, and it's a goody. It's the story of Walter Kaaden, the Iron Curtain, WWII flying bombs, spies, defections and the Japanese buying German technology to finally build a really successful two-stroke.
Read a very good related post by our own Mick P - Walter Kaaden and Two-Strokes

Here's what Mat says about the reprint...

Finally reprinted in HARDBACK after several years out of print. Current best prices on Amazon for secondhand copies of Stealing Speed are £73 for a paperback and a ridiculous £640 for a hardback! This is why I decided to reprint the book, so you can once again buy it at a reasonable price.
The book itself costs £14.99. I have included post and packing in the prices on this site, so the UK total is £17.79, EU £21.85 and USA/Australia etc £25.99.

Get a copy direct from Mat at Stealing Speed. G

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Norton P11 WANTED

We've had a Bertie Bassetts mix of bikes for our Sideburn repop Top Trumps so far. For issue #22 which will be back from the printers shortly, we have a tasty Parisienne BSA Road Rocket.
We are now on the hunt for a Norton P11. We only need one decent HiRes shot of this classic, if you know of one in your vicinity? The owner/ supplier of the photo will get a free copy of the mag with their bike featured. BP

Monday, 31 August 2015

Trackmaster Modern Bonneville

Roger from Ohio sent us a link reminding us that Trackmaster are still in business and developing new frames.

Like many of the old, famous chassis makers, Trackmaster has had a number of different owners and is now based in Valencia, California.

I'm not totallysold on the styling of this new Bonneville, but I don't think it's helped by being strapped down as tight as a banjo string, compressing the forks. It could easily be sorted and is another option for someone looking to build a trick modern Bonneville.

Photos: Randy Ressell

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Smiles Per Hour

I love this photo from Dirt Quake. I don't know who took it, but it's Marco Belli talking to Shun, the boss of the Yamaha Yard-Built project with Alessandro from Deus Milan in the middle, and David El Solitario in background. People from three different countries all having fun at our event. G

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Seat of the Pants

On-board with Co-Built's Geoff Cain at Amman Valley by Death Spray Custom.
Rub-on stickers from

Friday, 28 August 2015

Dirt Quake IV Video

Here is the short film of this July's Dirt Quake IV at  King's Lynn.
It was shot, edited and animated by Tom of Drifter Visual, with illustrations by Ryan Quickfall. 

Thanks again to all this year's sponsors...

In other Dirt Quake news, since the event we've been asked for Dirt Quake shirts, that all sold out on the day, so we have reprinted one, in a different colourway. This one was designed for us by Kevin from ODFU and is light grey on a navy shirt. 
Just £15 plus post from

Thursday, 27 August 2015

This weekend in So Cal...

Hell on Wheels have been running events for a long time and they always look a lot of fun. This is the advice from this weekend's hosts at the Perris track...

All the usual, no glass bottles, helmets and mufflers required on all running motorcycles. Helmets for kids on bikes and scooters; that's State law... 

This is more of an adult oriented affair, and it gets crowded. Keep an eye on and out for children. 

This will be the usual mix of backyard specials and converted heaps. It would be nice to have more than just a handful or real racers out there, whether framers or flat-o-crossers! No pro class that I am aware of... 

My own personal observation: This is a bit faster event than most Hell On Wheels events. Long sleeves, boots, good gloves, full face helmets and all the safety equipment you have. Shorts and tank tops ARE NOT race track attire. Remember the old Honda ad, Dress For The Fall, Not The Summer!